Thursday, February 12, 2009

Next Parent Connection Feb 11

Grapple Question:
Why Does Satan Fight Dirty?

Kids Learn:
Satan Knows My Weaknesses

Dig Into the Bible:
Luke 4:1-13

By now, you’d like to think you know your junior higher pretty well. Sure, his tastes in
music are changing, or she’s dressing a little differently now. But you have so much
history together—you know your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
Unfortunately, Satan knows your child even better than you do. He knows if your
daughter struggles with low self-esteem or if your son is tempted by pornography.
And he’s not afraid to use that information to distract kids from their faith. Make a
point to talk to your child today about ways Satan is at work in his or her life. You can
help your son or daughter stay strong in the face of temptation.

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